Is it a place you go to? A building you go to? Something you try and fit into your already busy schedule? The Church is actually a group of people, divinely collected to share life together, drawn together by a common belief. People of all races, backgrounds and world views brought together to become lifelong learners of Jesus.

The Church is not an activity we do, but who we are.

So we share life. All of it. The good times, the rough patches and the unbearable. We learn from each other, gaining strength and encouragement as we go. Learning about Jesus. Experiencing His grace and life-changing message of hope and restoration. Our mission is to represent Him well to each other and those we encounter on the journey.

Know Him – Live the Word – Change the World


To be a community of people gratefully being pursued by a loving God; being restored together by His love; proclaiming the Good News of the Glory of God.

The message of Jesus is as it always has been, revolutionary! We believe this so much we seek to allow it to change the way we live and want to bring the revolution to others. Every challenge we face today can be overcome by His revolutionary message of hope and restoration.

Our goal is to be disciples and then to make disciples, lifelong learners of this Jesus. Personal investment into other lives is part of what it means to follow Jesus. When we live out the life of Christ, it is impossible for The Lord to not be glorified. That’s our ultimate aim, to bring Him glory by the fruit our lives, His Spirit changing us from the inside out.

We believe this must be done within the context of discipleship and relational community. These are not high on the American scale of importance, but they are at the top of the list in the Kingdom of God.

Being on mission means we hear His voice and obey what He says. Our goal is to point everyone to Him, that they would see Him for themselves and believe! Not religion but a vibrant relationship with Him.


Our Sunday gathering happens regularly at 10:00AM.

We are relaxed and try to give you every opportunity to build relationship with Jesus and the people around you.

Our focus is on discipleship and our gatherings are geared to challenge you to walk in the identity God created you with.

We believe church is about family and we want you to bring your family. Kids, Jr. High, and High School youth gather weekly during service.

Relaxed. Grab a Coffee. Make a Friend. Grow.

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3102 S 23RD ST, TACOMA, WA 98405





A great place to learn foundational truths and great place to start. MORE INFO  

Launch 1.0 // 2.0

Meet weekly with gender specific groups, learning and living it out as we follow Jesus. MORE INFO


Huddles are our primary vehicle for longer term discipleship. MORE INFO


Missional Communities are built on common interest and passion of like minded followers of Jesus. MORE INFO


  • Kurt Snyder
    Kurt SnyderLead Pastor, Elder, EMT
  • Kyle Nelson
    Kyle NelsonExecutive Pastor, Elder, EMT
  • Trent Nelson
    Trent NelsonBusiness Manager, Stewardship Team, EMT
  • Rik Henderson
    Rik HendersonElder, Kids of Destiny
    • Yung Winn
      Yung WinnElder, EMT
      • Rick Perez
        Rick PerezElder, EMT
        • Bob Stack
          Bob StackElder
          • Tim Paulsen
            Tim PaulsenStewardship Team
            • Ron Morris
              Ron MorrisElder
              • Natalie Eckart
                Natalie EckartStewardship Team
              • Diane Stack
                Diane StackStewardship Team
                • Jon Snyder
                  Jon SnyderEMT
                  • Stephen Mesler
                    Stephen MeslerWorship Lead
                    • Larry DeChant
                      Larry DeChantEMT
                      • Pat Ryan
                        Pat RyanEMT
                        • Nick Hedman
                          Nick HedmanKids of Destiny, EMT
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