The easiest way to connect is at our main worship gathering.

Beyond our weekly gathering we focus on learning and living out the life inspired by Jesus. We believe this cannot happen without the context of community and relationships. We offer relational opportunities through Launch Groups and Huddles that happen during the week.

We offer a starter class called Thrive! that will get you a basic understanding of who we are and help get you going on the right foot. Thrive! is offered several times a year.

We believe as followers of Jesus, we are on mission with Him. Our lives are filled with purpose. We are actively growing in what it means to follow Jesus, which means we have much to learn. We want to reach out to our communities, share His love and bring light to a dark world. Opportunities continue to be available for you to be part of reaching our neighbors, friends and the world beyond the boundaries of western Washington.


Thrive! is a great place to start if you are new to Destiny City. Really it’s a great class for anyone to take that wants a greater understanding of who they are in Jesus. Why is intelligent design important? How does sin effect our lives and relationships? Why identity is so crucial to walking in the freedom the Word speaks about for us. How identity affects our obedience.

We explore these and other items in the Thrive! class. Each person also gets a prayer time with a prophetic prayer team at the end. Register now to stay informed on upcoming class dates and times.

LAUNCH GROUPS // 1.0 and 2.0

Launch groups are gender specific groups of 4-10 people that press into three core items over the course of 12 weeks. Launch 1.0 groups meet weekly and focus on these three things;

~How to have a meaningful personal time with The Lord daily.
~Learn how to recognize the Lords voice and leading throughout the day.
~Learn how to engage with others in our world, understanding oikos and allowing The Lord to use you to impact your relational world.

In Launch 2.0 we dig deeper into our new identity. Understanding two key themes of the bible; Covenant and Kingdom. Through these themes we begin to realize who we are and what we have been created for. Launch 2.0 continues in the pattern of 1.0, meeting weekly with gender specific groups where we learn, and then live out those things we have learned as we follow Jesus.


Huddles are our primary vehicle for longer term discipleship. This is not a bible study or small group but gender specific groups that encourage spiritual growth and maturity. Huddles are invitation only and stay together between 12-15 months meeting at least every other week.

We press into the Word and actually living it out in our lives. Deep relationships and accountability are part of the Huddle experience.

Our goal is to have everyone at Destiny City in a huddle. More Huddles come online as new leaders start their own Huddles throughout the year.


Our lives are being reordered by The Lord so that we will look and live like Him, not for our glory but for His. Becoming a disciple means we get on board with what He is doing in the world around us. The transformed life is meant to be given away, being used to bring His Kingdom into this place.

Missional Communities are built on common interest and passion of like minded followers of Jesus. These groups exist to make an impact in the world we live in and care about. It may be reaching the homeless, mentoring in public schools or ministering to a housing project. MC’s are the expression of Jesus through us as we reach out to those who don’t know Him.

The opportunities are endless. You can join one already going or start a new one with like minded people. For more information on joining or start a MC, click “Let’s Go!”

Cause – based Missional Communities

This is a current list of all Cause Missional Communities that are operating. If you would like to get involved or just find out more information, please make sure to contact one of these Missional Community Leaders.
Youth Missional Community - Marcus and Susan Miller
Kids Missional Community - Micah Galbraith
Foster Families - Karen Frey


If you feel ready to start a NEW Missional Community, we ask that you consider these 4 steps.
1. IDENTIFY - Who is your target group? Who do you care about and who are you willing to invest in as a light? This can only come from the Lord.
2. TEAM - You need a couple of others that share your passion and are willing to also invest time and talents with you. We don't go alone, ever!
3. PLAN - Develop a plan with your team on how to serve this group and present it to an Elder for blessing.
4. COMMIT - Invest for at least one year.


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Children are a gift from The Lord and a responsibility for us as parents and the church. We desire to partner with parents and create an environment that trains up our kids to know God and know who they are in Him. Identity is key in that quest. We endeavor to teach our kids how to hear the Lords voice, to connect with spiritual realities and be part of Gods plan on the Earth.

We begin teaching spiritual basics that are age appropriate to kids so that they can make the greatest decision they will ever make and to recognize and know their worth to a loving Creator.

Our goal is to be in concert with what kids are learning from home and therefore will bring helpful tools and resources to parents and guardians that will shape young hearts.



Through regular gatherings and weekly huddles we are discipling young people in the ways of Jesus. School is a difficult time for many kids. Our desire is to provide an environment and build relationships that help these young people begin to develop and own their own faith. We want to train them in the character of Jesus and in the skills of Jesus as they engage in mission around them. We want our youth to understand their identity, learn what the kingdom of God is all about, and embrace the reality that God wants to use them to bring his kingdom to earth today.

We want to see our teenagers mentored by adults for their spiritual growth and development, and we want to see our teens reach their peers with the gospel of Christ.

Ultimately, we want to see the fullness of God’s kingdom experienced in our schools and in the lives of our teenagers. Watch for info here and on our Destiny City Youth facebook page.


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